The Yearbook 2017 takes 1938 as its thematic focus: a year with a decisive impact in the history of Europe's Jews. The dramatic crisis of this time is cast in a new light on the basis of issues such as citizenship, minority rights, flight, and migration, with a particular emphasis on states in Central and Eastern Europe. Another thematic focus relates to the causes of the boom in biographical writing within Jewish studies. Key issues and challenges of the genre are here discussed on the basis of research projects focusing on Jewish intellectuals. The general section and the special features of the yearbook include contributions on the intersection of political and religious history, research on nationalism and historical semantics, as well as research on Scholem Alejchem, Franz Neumann, and Ernst Grumach




With contributions by Nicolas Berg (Leipzig), Alina Bothe (Berlin), Michal Frankl (Prague), Elisabeth Gallas (Leipzig), Jan Gerber (Leipzig), Philipp Graf (Leipzig), Anna Holzer-Kawalko (Jerusalem), Martin Jost (Leipzig), David Jünger (Brighton/Falmer), Magnus Klaue (Leipzig), Dagi Knellessen (Leipzig), Enrico Lucca (Leipzig), Daniel Mahla (Munich), Frank Mecklenburg (New York), Dan Miron (New York), Felix Pankonin (Leipzig), Katharina Prager (Vienna), René Schlott (Potsdam), Katrin Steffen (Lüneburg/Berlin), Katharina Stengel (Frankfurt am Main), Miriam Szamet (Berlin/Jerusalem), Tamás Turán (Budapest), Alex Valdman (Haifa), Marija Vulesica (Berlin), Annette Wolf (Leipzig), Mirjam Zadoff (Munich/Bloomington, Ind.).

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